What surged forward

Swedish student Greta Thunberg’s strike for action on climate change has inspired and catalyzed student actions all over the world, with Australia leading the charge. The school strikes have spread to at least 1300 locations in countries across the world, including the United Kingdom, Belgium, Switzerland the US and Japan. At the time of the … More What surged forward

Oscar’s way

If there’s one thing recent actions on climate change have taught me, it’s that kids can be an inspiration. On the day my seven-year-old son, Oscar, learned about the realities of climate change, he wasn’t aware that anyone else cared. He didn’t know about the high school kids across the country who would soon be … More Oscar’s way

Raising climate flags

A long-brew idea became reality today. Climate flags were hoisted up from our minds and hearts and into the light and air. Each flag is an opportunity to express hope for the earth and an appeal for action to ensure a safe climate in the future. Their joyful appearance belies a profound awareness of an … More Raising climate flags

Re-imagining the future

I felt buoyant this afternoon. I cranked up Havanah meets Kingston and danced around my lounge room, feeling like change was possible. Change in myself and global change. This lightness came through a kitchen table conversation about acting on climate change. With a group of six friends I permitted myself to re-imagine the future. Stunning … More Re-imagining the future