Raising climate flags

A long-brew idea became reality today. Climate flags were hoisted up from our minds and hearts and into the light and air.

Each flag is an opportunity to express hope for the earth and an appeal for action to ensure a safe climate in the future. Their joyful appearance belies a profound awareness of an earth in peril.

Today a group of friends gathered at my home to explore what the flags might be. Together we are learning what text, fabric, colour and binding will provide the avenue for beautiful and heartfelt messages of hope, strength, protest and care for the earth and future generations.

The act of making these flags is a festive way to build community and to take action on the difficult and painful issue of climate change.

The Euraka flag was a symbol of democracy and protest.

Prayer flags promote strength, compassion, peace and wisdom.

Our climate flags are born from both these elements: protest flag and prayer flag. They are also a genuine prayer to our leaders and voters for action on climate change.

There will be one flag for one voice, with all voices joined in an ever-growing network.

We will roll these flags out and hoist them at celebrations, festivals, climate actions and on our great day of democracy – election day.

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