At its core, this is a kitchen table conversation that we look forward to every week. Building friendships and community connections while sharing a cuppa. Together, re-imagining our future and working to make that future a reality.

We don’t have a brand or a structure. We have a shared set of values that unite us. We are an ever-growing network of friends, colleagues, family connections and neighbours who want to move out of paralysis and towards taking personal action on climate change.

We create a supportive and inspiring space for people to speak up, to be listened to respectfully and to ignite ideas and action in others. While we still grieve what we’ve lost, our talk is mostly about what we can do, to make positive change beyond our personal spheres.

We welcome everyone’s contribution, and together we celebrate each action. Together we brainstorm and support the multitude of projects that will rise to push politicians, corporations and citizens towards immediate action for a safe future-climate.